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Boenicke Audio show at Authentic High End with the unparalleled sound of the Boenicke W22 speakers on February 3

New Year’s Drink with special Guest at Authentic High End Established in 1998, Boenicke Audio has made a profound impact on the audio industry, beginning with their compact yet revolutionary W5 speakers. These speakers have consistently turned skepticism into admiration, as even the most doubtful listeners are swayed by the clarity and depth of sound […]

Electric Ivy at Dutch Audio Event – room 110 : Boenicke & Vertere – room 56 : ATC

Join us at the Dutch Audio Event in room 110 for our Boenicke W11 SE+ , Boenicke W5 SE+ (with Boenicke electronics and cables) and Vertere MG-1 Magic Groove MKII turntable demo on 7 and 8 October 2023.       Additionally, you’ll be able to find us in room 56 as well where we’ll […]

Henrick & Younk becomes Electric Ivy!

Français ci-dessous Bij Henrick & Younk starten we het nieuwe jaar met een nieuwe naam: Electric Ivy. De service en kwaliteit die u al van ons gewoon was, blijft wel gewoon hetzelfde! U kan ons vanaf nu dus ook bereiken via Het mailadres zal binnenkort buiten dienst gesteld worden. Ons telefoonnummer en adres […]

See and hear Boenicke at the Authentic High End event on 5 & 6 November

Authentic High End invites you to visit her lead store Authentic Square Vergote at 158 Auguste Reyers in Brussels, on the 5th & 6th November. Contrary to the Authentic shop at the Sablon, this location is normally ‘by appointment only’. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to visit both hi-fi oriented floors of the house. You’ll […]